Programmatic: The New Normal

At last year's Ad Revenue conference, we challenged publishers and media buyers alike to think beyond ad tech and to discuss the evolution and promise of programmatic as the future of media buying and selling.

This year the storyline has evolved with the tremendous growth of programmatic. Again we are bringing together the world's leading publishers, brand marketers and media agency executives but this time the focus will be on how programmatic is working and how—like the computer mouse, cell phone, and so many other now ubiquitous technology solutions before it—programmatic has become the new normal.

Ten years ago, the automation of media buying and selling was barely on the horizon. Five years ago, "ad tech" hadn't even entered public consciousness. Last year, we declared the death of the ad server. Join us on October 24th as we explore how programmatic has become a key part of our collective media strategies and share what we think lies ahead.

AdRev 2013 Highlights